Bearing Reliability Conference & Expo 2017

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The 2nd Edition of the Bearing Reliability Conference & Expo will be held from 10 to 12 October 2017

Due to the great success of the BRCE event that ran on 22 – 23 March 2016 and the request of many participants to run it again, the agenda is set for 2017.

The first edition of the Bearing Reliability Conference & Expo is held with over 120 participants from 11 different countries, where the industry players found the chance to come together during a two days’ knowledge & networking event.

All the attendees experienced for two days long 28 powerful speakers from both the bearing & reliability competences, listened to selected experts presenting their strategies to make the bearing and their assets more reliable. There were in total 8 workshops designed to help implementing the best strategies and the chance to visit the key industrial players at the Exhibition center.

Aſter the mega successful first edition of BRCE2016, the decision is made quickly to continue with this great concept and to run BRCE2017 in the Westfalenhallen Dortmund in Autumn 2017.

You can visit the conference website, download the Call for Papers 2017 or contact us for more information.

The BRCE 2017 event will be a memorable event- consisting of:

  • 4 Key Note Presentations (1 hour Duration) The Global Gurus
  • 16 Global Bearing and Reliability Presentations (30 Minutes each) The Industrial Experts
  • 32 Bearing and Reliability Application Presentations (30 Minutes each) The Best Practices in Maintenance
  • A memorable dinner for fun, sharing experiences and networking

You can visit the conference website, download the Call for Papers 2017 or contact usfor more information.


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