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Allied Reliability Introduces the Next Generation of Data Collection

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A new multi-technology device from Allied Reliability Group – the AR-C10 data collector – enables cost-effective, efficient and scalable condition monitoring.

Allied Reliability Group released the AR-C10 data collector on April 20th and 21th at the MAINTENANCE 2016, Antwerp Expo. The AR-C10 is the market’s first multi-technology, web-enabled data collection device that combines vibration, infrared, ultrasound, motor circuit analysis, and non-contact vibration (OptiVibe™) measurements to offer its users a Bridge as support to Better Condition Monitoring, Better Business

According to Dirk De Nutte, Managing Director of ARG EMEA, Reliability engineering and Maintenance has had very few true innovations over the last 20 years. With the AR-C10, implementing a Total Reliability program is feasible for anyone, regardless of size or location.

In addition to multi-technology data collection & integration, the AR-C10 offers its users:

• An intuitive user interface

• A single source of data storage

• Alarm management and generation

• Walk down tool

• Management Route Adherence

• Enablement of a remote diagnostics model

Combining the AR-C10 and Allied’s Reliability Management System, the market can now integrate a condition monitoring program with existing investments in online hardware and ERPs such as SAP, Maximo, and Oracle.

The Bridge Solution helps drive higher productivity and cost efficiency by allowing users to scale to meet ever-changing demands in asset monitoring without increasing cost or resource strains.  Best practice performers in condition monitoring spend up to 46 percent less on maintenance.

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