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TelLab to Bring Reliability Conference to Manchester

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Formula One analyst and broadcaster Mark Gallagher confirmed as keynote speaker

Reliability UK  an international learning and networking conference geared towards UK reliability, maintenance, and asset management professionals, will take place at Manchester’s Old Trafford Centre on Wednesday 26 September 2018.

The event will be dedicated to sharing best practice approaches across a spectrum of reliability tools from condition monitoring, lubrication, and big data right through to training, human observation and teamwork. The conference will also address reliability from business and corporate social responsibility perspectives.

The keynote speaker is Formula One industry analyst Mark Gallagher, Founder, and CEO of Performance Insights. Mark has worked in senior leadership roles in F1 for over 30 years, fifteen of those spent on the management boards of well-known organizations Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racibng, and Cosworth.  He is also a co-commentator and Formula One analyst for international media organizations, including the BBC and Sky Sports.

“F1 is a unique mix of business and sport, where strong leadership, split-second decision-making, efficient teamwork and a clear focus on delivery are essential to compete at the highest levels,” commented Mark Gallagher.

“While everyone imagines we focus solely on performance, in reality, we spend much of time, energy and technology learning how to better manage risk, ensure quality and guarantee reliability. To optimize results, we have embraced a data-driven approach to monitoring system performance on our cars, with over 200 sensors helping us to understand precisely what is happening, enabling is to diagnose issues, monitor trends and ultimately predict outcomes. This approach actually shares many similarities with the most advanced reliability programmes being used in industry today,” Gallagher added.

The high-performance sport will be on the agenda a second time at the Reliability UK conference with an optional tour of the home ground of Manchester United, Old Trafford Stadium when the event breaks for lunch. “We see the conference as a networking as well as a learning opportunity for delegates,” said the conference organizer, TelLab Sales Director, John McGrath.

Tellabs has developed Reliability UK as part of its commitment to thought leadership for maintenance and reliability professionals.

“We understand the crucial role of reliability leaders in industries such as aviation, power generation and manufacturing. Their dedication protects lives, ensures business continuity and allows consumers to avail of vital products and services without interruption,” said TelLab’s John McGrath.

“We are taking this event to Manchester in response to feedback from UK colleagues and sponsors seeking an industry learning and networking event, offering a platform for professionals working in this area to come together,” McGrath added.

As a leading ISO accredited oil analysis and environmental laboratory, TelLab, headquartered in County Carlow, Ireland, occupies a key position in oil analysis and fuel analysis for machine care, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance.  Its clients include large-scale power generators, fleet operators, industrial manufacturers and food and pharma producers.

About TelLabs, Reliability and Proactive Maintenance

Tribology – the science of lubrication – is focused on keeping the wheels of industry turning – from manufacturing to transport to power generation. The lubricant forms a thin film between moving parts, preventing wear and heat generation. Using the correct type and amount of lubricant under the right conditions – and keeping it contaminant free – plays a part in maximizing the lifetime and availability of critical assets at minimum costs. Moreover, by providing vital clues on machine health, analysis of used lubricating oils and greases can form an element of proactive maintenance.

In November 2017, TelLab’s staff achieved the internationally recognized MLA III status from the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) – the highest level available, with a total of only five people qualified to this level between Ireland and the UK. This demonstrates TelLab’s commitment to helping reliability professionals achieve competitive advantage through significantly increased uptime and asset availability. TelLab has developed Reliability UK as part of its commitment to thought leadership for maintenance and reliability professionals.

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